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JAMES WEBBChief Digital Officer
James is an accomplished visionary and driven leader with over two decades of successful digital and traditional marketing execution. James is the designer and architect of many web sites, apps, media campaigns, promotions, email and mobile campaigns and for global brands such as McDonald’s, Disney, Pop Secret, Emerald Foods, Comcast, Claire’s, Intel, Motorola, Honeywell and many others.
DARREN DAVISChief Creative Officer
Since 2001, Darren Davis has worked with a variation of clients from fortune 100 brands to ambitious 
start-ups just starting the branding process. For more than 15 years, Darren has been helping companies bridge business objectives to successful strategic and creative outcomes. His work as a creative director and brand strategist has helped position many global businesses and brands, including ABC, AOL, Coca Cola, Kraft, Dreamworks Pictures, Capitol Records and many more.
JOE BARDINContent Director
Joe is a writer, speaker and communications specialist with both passion and a proven process for defining and articulating brand and campaign messaging strategies that deliver high relevance for a true competitive advantage. Joe has written for clients ranging from Avnet, DreamWorks Studios, Intel and Procter & Gamble, to varied publications and individuals with stories to tell. Projects have included strategies, web content, book development, newsletter writing, features, plays, screenplays, scripts and other communications.

The Play that Never Ends

Gamification projects benefit from great storytelling. As experienced veterans in advertising, marketing, sales and technology, we know how to tell a story and connect with people…it’s truly our passion in life. Proper storytelling creates an emotional response and increases authentic engagement – in other words, players care about the outcome. We love doing this. The sales teams have fun, learn from each other, and even get to know each other better…and of course they are motivated to close more sales. The bond players feel lasts long after the last piece of confetti leaves the field. 

“The bond players feel lasts long after the last piece of confetti leaves the field. “